Ink+Craft artwork

Ink+Craft is the work of Matthew and Ariana Broerman, Cincinnati-based artists, designers, and printmakers creating colorful, contemporary linocut prints, patterns, and illustrations.

We create colorful, contemporary linocut prints inspired by folk art, nature, and the landscapes of the Midwest. Linocut is a style of relief printmaking where artists carve away recesses in a linoleum block, roll ink onto the uncarved portions, and press paper onto the inked surface, transferring the image. This process occurs over and over, building up multiple layers of color and ink. It is part artistry, part craftsmanship. Each print is a labor of love. Every stroke we carve, color we choose, and print we make tells a story. We don’t know until we’ve pulled the paper off the block how the pigments will look when layered, if the pressure we’ve applied is too much or too little, or if everything is aligned perfectly. Each print shows not only the story within the artwork, but also the story of making the artwork itself.

Linocut print of flowers Winter Fox Carving